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The new Chinese men's national team training will be held in Shanghai from the 4th to the 9th of this month. The 28 international players in this training session attracted most attention from the outside world than a total of 4 naturalized players were selected, which also set a new record for the national football team. Does this indicate that the door of the national football team will be fully opened to naturalized players in the future, and the national football coach Li Tie will use naturalized players as the core to hit the top 40 and even the top 12 of the World Cup Asian qualifier next year?


Since the implementation of the naturalization policy by the Chinese Football Association last year, the midfielder Li Ke from Guoan and the forward from Evergrande have made Exxon the two standing naturalized players of the national football team. They have basically appeared in all training sessions and games. In the Shanghai training camp in May of this year, Li Tie recruited another Hengda striker naturalized player Luo Guofu into his command. In the October training camp, although Li Tie gave up the injured Luo Guofu, he also recruited central defender Jiang Guangtai from Evergrande and forward Fernando, bringing the number of naturalized players in the national football team to 4 people unprecedented. .

自去年中国足协实施入籍政策以来,来自国安的中场李克和来自恒大的前锋使埃克森成yobo体育app为了国家足球队的两名入籍常备球员。它们基本上已经出现在所有培训课程和游戏中。在今年五月的上海训练营中,李铁招募了另一名恒大前锋入籍球员罗国富入职。在十月份的训练营中,尽管李铁放弃了受伤的罗国富,但他还从恒大和前锋费尔南多招募了中央后卫姜光泰,这使国家橄榄球队的入籍球员人数达到了空前的4人。 。

Since the implementation of the naturalization policy, the national football team has basically had Li Ke in all training and competitions.


Fernando had already completed all the formalities for his naturalization to represent the national football team as early as June of this year, but because he has not been able to organize the national team training, he has no chance to be selected. In addition, considering that Fernando was punished for violating discipline in the Evergrande team at the beginning of the year, coupled with the late return time and injury, so he was not in the national football training plan at the beginning. With the deepening of the league, Fernando played a very important role in the Evergrande formation after his return from injury, which directly moved Li Tie, and Fernando was selected as his wish.


With his return from injury and his performance in the club, Fernando was selected as he wished.


His speed, dribbling and shooting skills are enough to improve the national football's firepower on the offensive side and midfield. Judging from the actual battle at Evergrande in the first stage of this season, Fernando and Exxon have gradually established a tacit understanding. In the future, whether Fernando can react with Exon, Wu Lei, Wei Shihao and others in the national football team will directly affect the quality of the national football's attack.


In contrast, Jiang Guangtai is the candidate for the National Football Team. Subject to FIFA's original regulations on the qualification of naturalized players, Jiang Guangtai has never been able to get the opportunity to play on behalf of the Chinese national team because he has previously played on behalf of the England National Youth Team. On September 18 this year, the FIFA Congress passed the relevant new regulations on player conversion. This new rule stipulates that naturalized players who have represented their original nationality team in official international A-level competitions, as long as they are under 21 years old when they represent their original nationality team and fail to play in the international A-level competition. More than 3 games, more than 3 years since the last appearance, and have not participated in the World Cup or the finals of the Continental Cup, can represent the new nationality team in the official competition. According to this new rule, Jiang Guangtai has the conditions to represent the Chinese men's football team again.


Jiang Guangtai (middle) has not yet obtained the qualification to formally represent the national football team.


It is reported that the Chinese Football Association has formally reported to FIFA in accordance with the latest regulations, applying to help Jiang Guangtai complete the qualification for membership conversion, but FIFA has not yet given a clear approval opinion, so Jiang Guangtai has not yet obtained the qualification to formally represent the national football team. However, because the national football training in Shanghai is not participating in international competitions, Li Tie asked Jiang Guangtai to participate, allowing him to understand the national football's technical and tactical play in advance. If nothing happens, Jiang Guangtai can be approved by FIFA next year to qualify for the top 40.


In addition to the five naturalized nationals Exxon, Li Ke, Fernando, Jiang Guangtai and Luo Guofu, Alan is also fully qualified to become a naturalized national. Although he was not selected for the Shanghai training list this time, he has a high probability of representing the national football team in the top 40 matches next year.

除了埃克森(Exxon),李克,费尔南多(Fernando),姜光泰和罗国富(Lux Guofu)这五名归化国民之外,艾伦(Alan)也完全有资格成为归化国民。尽管这次他没有入选上海训练名单,但他很有可能代表国家足球队参加明年的前40场比赛。

Evergrande has made Exxon one of the standing national football players.


According to the new naturalization rules currently revised by FIFA, there are still many people on the current stadium of the Chinese Super League who can operate as naturalized players of the national football team in the next three to four years. For example, Hou Yongyong of Beijing Guoan and Xiao Taotao of Evergrande on loan have all obtained Chinese nationality and are eligible to become naturalized players of the National Football Team. Of course, these two players have not played many games in the domestic arena, and Xiao Taotao can only play in the middle class. Therefore, their chances of catching up to the top 40 are basically zero.


Goulart is undoubtedly the most unfortunate one. Although he has obtained Chinese nationality, he did not comply with the new FIFA rules "need to live in the new country for 5 consecutive years" because he had loaned back to Brazil for a period of time in 2019, so he must become a returnee. Hua International will have to wait until 2023 at the earliest, when Goulart is already 32 years old.

古拉特无疑是最不幸的人。尽管他已获得中国国籍,但由于他已在2019年一段时间内借回了巴西,因此未遵守FIFA的新规定“需要连续5年在新国家居住”。 。 Hua International必须最早等到2023年,那时Goulart已经32岁了。

As for the foreign players currently playing in the Super League, there are about 40 people who can meet the qualifications of becoming a naturalized player of the national football according to the new FIFA regulations, but most of them will be two to four years later. Nowadays, it is not meaningful to talk about it. Only Suning’s Teixeira, Wuhan’s Evra, R&F’s Renardinho and Henan Jianye’s Ivo can be satisfied to become naturalized players in the national football team before February next year. However, all of these 4 people have not obtained Chinese nationality at present, and it is only wishful thinking to finish before the top 40. On the one hand, whether these players have the willingness to become a Chinese citizen, on the other hand, are there clubs willing to bear their huge operating expenses.


Luo Guofu is currently one of the naturalized national football players.


After the new FIFA regulations came out, the Chinese Football Association stated that it would "properly" advance the work of naturalizing players in accordance with the new regulations.


While introducing naturalized players, the national football team needs to pay more attention to the issue of how naturalized players are not "assimilated". Subject to the relatively low level of competition in the Chinese Super League, the longer some big-name foreign players have played in the country, their competitive level will often be "assimilated" by Chinese players. Judging from the above 6 naturalized players who can represent the national football team in the top 40 matches, they are the only one who truly belongs to the mainstay of each team this season!


The 25 members of Japan's latest national team training list are all "returned" players from the European League. In contrast, Chinese football, where only Wu Lei is working overseas, should think clearly about how the "naturalization" road should go more stable and farther.




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